May. 9th, 2009

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Come on, guys. While I'm always, of course, deliriously happy to gain new friends, I really kind of need you to comment and say hi when you add me to your circle! Pretty please.

Unrelatedly, I wish there were more mood theme options. I have had a paid account on lj for so long that I am totally used to having custom moodthemes, and it is pretty weird not to have anymore. I don't really like any of dreamwidth's options. I miss Bruce's Lil Smileys on greatestjournal. That was my favourite moodtheme.

Expect a proper update on Monday afternoon. Current headspace is not very updatey. Essay, argh.
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Does anybody know of a community where you can go and ask for music recs and people will... give them?

Like, I'm looking for somewhere where I can go: "Hello. The gloomy weather is really getting me down, so can anybody recommend to me some proper upbeat music from any corner of the music world?"
I don't necessarily mean a community where people will upload songs/fill song requests like teh_music was on lj, but just somewhere were people can ask for suggestions before finding the music on their own?

Any communities you know of on DW, LJ, IJ or JF would work for me, as I have accounts at all of those places.

Also... if you don't know of a community like that, then do you think it would be a good idea to set one up?

(also... flist/circle, feel free to give me some recs here!)
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that zombies are my biggest fear.

What's yours?

I'm serious though, I'm terrified of them. Not 'undead' zombies because I am pretty sure that they aren't real. But zombies like in Resident Evil or 28 Days Later, ones caused by human cock-ups and viruses and shit, they terrify me. What if they happen?

Have any of you ever seen Blast From The Past with Brendan Fraser in it? Basically, when Joel and I grow up and build our own house, I want a bomb shelter like the one in the film, not in case of nuclear war (...although admittedly, it'll be handy for that too; nuclear winter is also pretty high on my list of 'ways i don't want to die'. On that note, my dad made me watch Threads when I was about 11. Way to parent, dad.) but for when the zombies come.

They give me nightmares. :(

I do love Resident Evil, though.

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