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I have so many things I've thought about putting in this update that now I can't remember half of them, so it's probably going to be a bit (or a lot) disjointed. Sorry to anyone who's reading. :)

I got both my essays done, just about. Sort of. The thing about my Uni/department is that on the whole they seem to be a bit useless. We're supposed to submit all assessed work online via VITAL this year, which is all well and good. In fact, it's awesome, it makes it so much easier even for me, and I've always had my own printer and after three years still wouldn't know how to print anything in the library. So, the point is that online submission, theoretically, is a great thing.

But the downside is that nobody seems to know when it closes. For every single module I've had since September, my module tutors have been distressingly vague regarding the submission deadline. I've heard lunchtime, 2pm, 5pm, any time up to midnight. Nobody knows. So I've just worked to the assumption that it's a 5pm deadline, because that one seems quite reasonable. But I am pretty sure that that latest I've submitted anything so far has been the night before/very early hours of the deadline day, so what time on said day submission closes hasn't been an issue for me.

My MAF essay, on the other hand, was a spectacularly slow starter (mostly due to the fact that at this stage I am feeling so unmotivated to do anything. I just want it to be next weekend when I am finished so I can concentrate on trying to find a job), which mean that it wasn't finished by the morning of the 8th. I was happily working to my usual 5pm assumption, tra la la, going to get it done, etc etc. There was a conversation on facebook regarding the deadline time, though, and someone checked an email we got way back in September that said online submission closed at 2pm. This was at 1pm, and I although I was close to finishing writing the actual essay, there was a lot of stuff wrong with it that I was planning on spending the afternoon fixing. Ideally it would definitely have taken me until around 5pm, if not longer. But I panicked and just finished writing it as quickly as possible before handing it in at 13.57 >.<

Even worse, I forgot to put my title on my essay! I like to think that my solution to this was pretty good, though - I created myself a fake gmail account from which to email my tutor with my title, because if I had emailed him from my normal address he'd've known who I am and marking is supposed to be anonymous. >.< He got the email and said it was okay, though.

But, ugh. Then today I was writing my Lang. & Lit. essay and not bothering to work to the 2pm deadline because I am overall more pleased with the quality of this essay, so I wasn't too concerned with the possibility of a few marks being deducted if I handed it into the latebox whenever it appeared. And, of course, no latebox appeared - I submitted my Lang. & Lit. essay today at six pm with no problems whatsoever. Which means that I did not need to panic and submit my MAF essay at 2pm. So I am pretty much fuming about it. My only consolation is that there is an exam for MAF on Friday in which I can hopefully bring my mark up. I actually feel quite ill just thinking about that stupid stupid essay. :(

I am feeling pretty good about my Lang. and Lit. essay, though. Which is suprising because I was so stressed over the last one that I was in tears for about 4 days prior to the deadline. I was so pleasantly surprised with the 69 that I got on that essay - I completely expected it to be the worst mark I've ever got, and it turned out to be one of the best. And then as I was writing this essay everything I was writing just felt right. I am sort of annoyed about it though because it just further cements my opinion that I could have really enjoyed this module if it had been taught and organised better. I feel quite let down by my final semester of uni, to be honest.

And now all my final hopes are pinned on an exam, and exams are not my forte at the best of times. Sigh.

I spent a bit of time this evening tweaking the css for my new layout, and I'm quite pleased with it as it stands right now. A link to the journal I got the orignal codes from is on my journal info. And speaking of the journal info, I found a way around the fact that the html in my bio was somehow hiding all of the main navigation links in the Dreamiwdth site scheme - I changed it to a different scheme! The one called 'Celerity', I think it is. I like it quite a lot, and it's fixed my problem. My bio html still isn't showing as it should, but at least I have navigation links again.

...I'm so used to writing on Word that I keep hitting ctrl+s every now and then to save. >.< That's pretty annoying. Also my hands are killing me. :|

What else what else did I have to say? Oh yes, I've decided that I'm going to have a 'poetry sunday', probably on the first sunday of every month, although I've missed it this month so maybe I'll do it next week too. Basically I intend to post a poem or some songlyrics that I really like, for no other purpose than that... I really like them and want to share them. With songlyrics I'll probably upload the song. I'll most likely make a few comments regarding why I like said poetry, too. So, you have been warned. Avoid my journal on sundays. ;)

I'm pretty sleepy now, actually. I just have a few more things I meant to say.

We finally got in contact with the landlord of our new flat on - Thursday, I think. We've been trying to speak to him for months - when we first signed the contract in February, it was with the assurance that we would be able to arrange a utilities-inclusive rent price, and we also were only able to pay 2/3 of the deposit. So Marion - that is Mr. Sharrock's assistant - called us about a fortnight after we signed the contract, asking us to ring Mr Sharrock to arrange a meeting to pay the rest of the deposit and finalise the rent etc. So we called and he was like 'okay, can I get Marion to ring you back tomorrow?' and then when 'tomorrow' came, there was no call from Marion. So we left it a few weeks and rang him again, and he said exactly the same thing, and once again we didn't get a callback.

Then we didn't hear from them for weeks and weeks; everytime we tried to call there was no answer - I was a veritable puddle of panic: "oh my god they're cowboys, they've nicked off with our deposit, we have no home!" etc etc. We rang them again about a week-and-a-half ago now and left a message, to which we didn't get a response. So on Thursday we tried again, still no answer - but then about 5 minutes later they called back! Joyous day! It turned out apparently that Marion had been ill, in hospital, so I guess Mr. Sharrock was pretty swamped or something? I don't know.

But anyway, we spoke at length, agreed on £78pw each (the only things we need to worry about are a tv license and phone/internet). He told us that we could do whatever decorating we like as long as it remains fairly neutral, said that they plan on fully cleaning the flat out before the 1st of June, and that we can have the keys and start moving our things in from the 1st. YAY!! And then he sent Marion to meet us so we caould finally pay the rest of our deposit, and now I am just so excited. I can't wait can't wait. T'other night Joel suggested to his mum that she and his dad come over and take us to ikea. She loves ikea so she totally is going to do it. Yay, kitchen utensils!! :D

I am pretty knackered now and can't remember much else that I wanted to say. I have this niggling feeling that someone has commented to me somewhere on Dreamwidth and I haven't replied, which is pretty annoying. And I know for a fact that there are several entries on my reading page that I really wanted to comment on but didn't have time at the time, and don't have the energy to find now. I'm really sorry, but I have been reading all the entires of people I'm subscribed too. I've just been super-busy and therefore not up to much commenting. I'll get better next week, after my exam, I promise!

Finally, one of my LJ friends just posted this awesome meme which I really had to steal:

Ten Words or Less Meme
Write 10 different categories of fic, each in 10 words or less.

1. Angst:
"Booth, you're gonna be fine. Come on, Booth. No." - Fin.

2. AU:
"FBI, Special Agent Temperance Brennan. This is Dr. Seeley Booth."

3. Crack!Fic:
Seeley read the namebadge on the hot Hooters girl: 'Temperance'.


"Bones, is Zack Gormorgon's assistant?" "Yes. Zack is my assistant."

4. Crossover:
Booth stared as the wooden stake pierced the vampire's chest.

5. First Time:
Booth's fingers brushed across her lips. "We're not just partners, Bones." (eleven words, sorry!)

6. Fluff:
"Y'know, Bones. I think we're going to grow old together."

7. Humor:
(I feel that my two for crack gives me a free pass. :| )

8. Hurt/Comfort:
"Booth. Let me help you."

9. Smut:
She certainly doesn't fear physical intimacy, Booth thinks.

10. UST:
He sees her everyday. Eventually, he thinks, I'll tell her.

Er. In case you can't tell, I chose Bones. It is a lot harder than it looks! Especially when you're used to writing stories with quite a lot of detail/imagery in. 10 words isn't enough. >.<

This entry is prolly littered with typos, sorry. I'll fix it tomorrow. But now - my bed is calling.

ETA: After seeing the length of this post, I decided to cut it. To save your eyes! :)

ETA2: Wow, I'm pretty annoyed. I just submitted the 10 mini-fics thing to a Bones community and my post was rejected. The reasons they gave were:
Your entry was rejected because it did not have the mandator fanfic header, and contained spoilers. Remember that both season 3 and 4 are considered spoilers in this community and require warnings before the cut if they are used.

1) How on earth would I do one of those fanfiction headers for the above 'fics'? Would anybody else have thought it would be necessary?

2) I PUT A CUT saying 'I don't think there's any spoilers, but I'll cut it just in case. :)' Those were the exact words in my cut text!

I mean, what the hell. They clearly didn't actually read my post.

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