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things i am thankful for:

my mummy, who works so hard trying to make everyone happy and who i am beginning to admire more than anyone now that i'm old enough to appreciate her efforts
my daddy, who i can't help but idolise most of the time, despite his huge pile o'flaws
my baby sister, giant devil child though she may be
my big brother, who always manages to text me random funny shit just when i need to smile
my amazing grandparents, who have always been there to look after me with oodles and oodles of love
my internet friends, who over the years have meant more to me than 90% of the people i know in real life
rachel, hetty and liz, who (aside from joel) are maybe my favourite non-related-to-me people in the world
buffy the vampire slayer, which may only be a tv show but is amazing and important to me regardless
the ability to read and love books, because i cannot imagine what my life would have been like if i hadn't ever loved to read
christmas decorations, because just glancing over at my christmas tree at this time of year makes me feel warm and happy despite the fact that joel & i have no money to buy each other or anybody else christmas presents this year.

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