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I'm not really sure what else one might need/wish to know about me. Please feel free to subscribe/read my entries, though. You're very welcome.
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that zombies are my biggest fear.

What's yours?

I'm serious though, I'm terrified of them. Not 'undead' zombies because I am pretty sure that they aren't real. But zombies like in Resident Evil or 28 Days Later, ones caused by human cock-ups and viruses and shit, they terrify me. What if they happen?

Have any of you ever seen Blast From The Past with Brendan Fraser in it? Basically, when Joel and I grow up and build our own house, I want a bomb shelter like the one in the film, not in case of nuclear war (...although admittedly, it'll be handy for that too; nuclear winter is also pretty high on my list of 'ways i don't want to die'. On that note, my dad made me watch Threads when I was about 11. Way to parent, dad.) but for when the zombies come.

They give me nightmares. :(

I do love Resident Evil, though.
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31st March 2011 - unstickied. You write a biography when you're nearly 21, then come back to it when you're nearly 23 and see if you want to keep it right at the top of all your entries!

Actually, seeing as this is a new journal in a new place, I guess I'll write an introduction for anyone who happens to stumble along.

So, here's a (not so) brief summary of me & my life:

Siobhán )

Regarding my circle 'policy': while I intend this journal to be largely public, I may sometimes restrict access on any overly personal posts. Additionally, I intend to keep all my original writing access-only, simply for protection.

Please feel free to subscribe to me if you wish. If you're interested in gaining access, simply leave me a comment letting me know who you are, where you've come from, and why you're interested and I'll probably be more than willing to add you.

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