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I have so many things I've thought about putting in this update that now I can't remember half of them, so it's probably going to be a bit (or a lot) disjointed. Sorry to anyone who's reading. :)

Essay/Uni talk )

I spent a bit of time this evening tweaking the css for my new layout, and I'm quite pleased with it as it stands right now. A link to the journal I got the orignal codes from is on my journal info. And speaking of the journal info, I found a way around the fact that the html in my bio was somehow hiding all of the main navigation links in the Dreamiwdth site scheme - I changed it to a different scheme! The one called 'Celerity', I think it is. I like it quite a lot, and it's fixed my problem. My bio html still isn't showing as it should, but at least I have navigation links again.

...I'm so used to writing on Word that I keep hitting ctrl+s every now and then to save. >.< That's pretty annoying. Also my hands are killing me. :|

What else what else did I have to say? Oh yes, I've decided that I'm going to have a 'poetry sunday', probably on the first sunday of every month, although I've missed it this month so maybe I'll do it next week too. Basically I intend to post a poem or some songlyrics that I really like, for no other purpose than that... I really like them and want to share them. With songlyrics I'll probably upload the song. I'll most likely make a few comments regarding why I like said poetry, too. So, you have been warned. Avoid my journal on sundays. ;)

I'm pretty sleepy now, actually. I just have a few more things I meant to say.

Flat/Moving talk )

I am pretty knackered now and can't remember much else that I wanted to say. I have this niggling feeling that someone has commented to me somewhere on Dreamwidth and I haven't replied, which is pretty annoying. And I know for a fact that there are several entries on my reading page that I really wanted to comment on but didn't have time at the time, and don't have the energy to find now. I'm really sorry, but I have been reading all the entires of people I'm subscribed too. I've just been super-busy and therefore not up to much commenting. I'll get better next week, after my exam, I promise!

Finally, one of my LJ friends just posted this awesome meme which I really had to steal:

Ten Words or Less Meme
Write 10 different categories of fic, each in 10 words or less.

1. Angst:
"Booth, you're gonna be fine. Come on, Booth. No." - Fin.

2. AU:
"FBI, Special Agent Temperance Brennan. This is Dr. Seeley Booth."

3. Crack!Fic:
Seeley read the namebadge on the hot Hooters girl: 'Temperance'.


"Bones, is Zack Gormorgon's assistant?" "Yes. Zack is my assistant."

4. Crossover:
Booth stared as the wooden stake pierced the vampire's chest.

5. First Time:
Booth's fingers brushed across her lips. "We're not just partners, Bones." (eleven words, sorry!)

6. Fluff:
"Y'know, Bones. I think we're going to grow old together."

7. Humor:
(I feel that my two for crack gives me a free pass. :| )

8. Hurt/Comfort:
"Booth. Let me help you."

9. Smut:
She certainly doesn't fear physical intimacy, Booth thinks.

10. UST:
He sees her everyday. Eventually, he thinks, I'll tell her.

Er. In case you can't tell, I chose Bones. It is a lot harder than it looks! Especially when you're used to writing stories with quite a lot of detail/imagery in. 10 words isn't enough. >.<

This entry is prolly littered with typos, sorry. I'll fix it tomorrow. But now - my bed is calling.

ETA: After seeing the length of this post, I decided to cut it. To save your eyes! :)

ETA2: Wow, I'm pretty annoyed. I just submitted the 10 mini-fics thing to a Bones community and my post was rejected. The reasons they gave were:
Your entry was rejected because it did not have the mandator fanfic header, and contained spoilers. Remember that both season 3 and 4 are considered spoilers in this community and require warnings before the cut if they are used.

1) How on earth would I do one of those fanfiction headers for the above 'fics'? Would anybody else have thought it would be necessary?

2) I PUT A CUT saying 'I don't think there's any spoilers, but I'll cut it just in case. :)' Those were the exact words in my cut text!

I mean, what the hell. They clearly didn't actually read my post.
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I'm finding it pretty amusing how large a percentage of the dreamwidth journals I come across are using this layout. I mean, it's a really lovely layout, especially considering how quickly [personal profile] gossymer must have whipped it up, but it's still pretty funny seeing it literally* everywhere. I am pretty excited to see more and more layouts start coming in, and maybe when my exams are over I'll start having a play around with the new CSS and things to see what I can come up with myself.

I have been faffing around with my profile, and while I'm quite happy with what I've got up there there's also something wrong with it in that it's messing up the way the actual Dreamwidth site appears. On the 'known issues' page it does mention something to do with html coding in profiles screwing things up and that they're working on it, so hopefully it will get cleared up soon. But until then it's going to really really annoy me to not be able to see any navigation links from my profile page. It is going to get pretty frustrating. I did try a different profile code which worked absolutely fine but which also wasn't as pretty as the current one, so I think it must be something specific to the html in this particular coding. However my head's too fuzzy at the moment to be able to concentrate on coding my own tables so I'm just using one I found somewhere else and I don't have the energy to attempt to go through it and pinpoint the problem. So if I want to check my inbox I am just going to have to do it through someone else's profile page for a while. :\

It's really sort of exciting to be here right at the beginning. I believe that I cancelled my recurring payments to my lj in September after the last payment came out, so probably I will see how well my new resolution to use this journal goes, and maybe see how well I can build up a community of friends and accquaintances and then I'll think about purchasing a paid account here. Ideally of course I would like to be sure about it before the discounted prices are removed, 'cause at the moment it's really cheap. :D But at the moment the only paid benefit that I'm likely to get any use out of are the extra userpics and until they've rolled out some more features I'd rather not risk it. :)

My Modern American Fiction essay is still just behaving ridiculously in that I have written about 100 more words. *sigh* I am really just hopeless. My computer chair is just so uncomfortable so my bum is constantly numb and tingly, which isn't pleasant. My tummy is still hurting a lot. I didn't get to sleep until after 5am last night because I was in so much pain, which has never happened to me before. :( I am currently sitting with a hot water bottle stuck up my top, haha, and a cup of Earl Grey on hand, and I am going to attempt to get back to work after writing this entry.

I feel a little better because I think I have decided what I'm going to do for my Language and Literature essay now, though. I already knew that the topic I was planning on writing on was metaphor, and it was just finding a suitable extract from a book to analyse. I was going to go with To Kill A Mockingbird because it has such obvious uses of metaphor in it but then I was worried that I might struggle to find a particularly metaphor-rich extract to use, and I didn't want to end up falling out with the book because I love it and I don't want this stupid stupid module to ruin my love for books. But for my MAF essay I'm doing The Bell Jar (and Fahrenheit 451), and it occurred to me to use that! There's several really good bits in it that I think I could be able to use. It would be easier if I knew if we could use several extracts from one particular text, which I might end up doing anyway, but there's that one bit about the fig tree of choices that Esther imagines which I think will be good, hopefully. If all else fails I might just resort to whacking down a bit of Bleak House and doing my essay on that, which I really don't want to do. Urgh.

Joel has his last exam tomorrow and then he will have finished his first year of University! Haha, I'm so proud, bless him. He does have to do a resit in the summer because he failed one of his modules in the first semester, but he's done really really well on everything else so far - like, getting marks of 70+ on everything - which is great, especially considering the fact that he's also holding down a part time job which takes up a lot of his time and energy. I am seriously amazed by the amount of work he's had to do though. He has like a billion modules per semester and they all have loads of different elements which contribute towards the final grade - exams, assignments, essays, group work, practical work. In my first year I had practically nothing to do in comparison... or maybe it's just that I really didn't do a lot of work in my first year. :p

I'm not hungry at all but for some reason I am craving toast and/or chocolate. Hmm.

God, my bum hurts. This chair is ridiculous. :(

*not literally

eta: what, I can't use html tags? How do I italicise!? *hunts through faqs*

eta2: oh wait, my bad. I had a bad tag in there, oops. Fixed now!
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I've found the most interesting community. [community profile] stayintheroom, a community that posts general prompts to inspire original writing (well, writing in my case, but also drawings, poetry, etc - basically any form of art). I've just been skimming through it and all the prompts are so interesting and creative, they've really given me some ideas. I'm really hoping that I'll be able to use this community to start writing again.

I believe it does have a livejournal counterpart, but I've never seen it before. I suppose that's another of the joys of such a new site as this; it's much easier to discover things you're interested in, in a way, because everything's still new and easy to find. :p

Anyway, it's past 2:30am, and I haven't written anything on my essay for hours and hours. I think that part of the reason is that I feel like 5pm on Friday is still very far away in terms of when I usually write my essays. Technically I still have plenty of time to write this essay, and so I can't get into the frame of mind where I need to write it. However, that's all well and good for this essay, but I also have one due in the following Monday which is not a literature essay and which therefore I'm going to find a lot more difficult and time-consuming to write. I have to find appropriate texts and criticisms to reference, find an extract to study and all sorts of other things that I have only done on one other essay and therefore am not very comfortable with. Literature essays I can generally bang out quite quickly once I focus - choose my texts, choose my topic, fit the texts to the topic, use clever wording to make them relevant, throw in a few quotations from journals and things, and I'm done. The language essay requires subheadings and contents and appendices and is an altogether different kettle of fish.

Tomorrow I am going to try - really try - to get some work done. I might have to resort to using internet explorer instead of firefox. The problem with firefox is that I have open several permanent tabs that I don't like to close for various reasons, eg. some are download lists that I need and other things and closing any of them would make all the others out of sync. This is all well and good for my general browsing purposes, but when I am attempting to do work it is far too easy to get distracted by the 'fun' tabs when instead I should be focusing on the 'work' tabs. Which is where all my good intentions to work went both today and yesterday. So tomorrow I will use IE, and make sure the only tabs which are open are ones relevant to my essay.

Another factor which is generally not helping with today's work endeavour is the ridiculous cramps I am having. It is pretty unusual for me to be suffering this much so I guess that even though I don't really feel stressed my body obviously disagrees and is reacting to the pressure I am under. This afternoon I have gone through a packet of ibuprofen practically (whereas I can usually stick it out without taking any or at least only taking one dose) and still want to just curl up and be cuddled (and maybe have more pills). Sadly there is no Joel here to give me cuddles, so I'm having to settle for a hot water bottle and some dairy milk.

But now, to bed. Hopefully everything will be brighter and shinier and more productive in the morning. It is May Day tomorrow, after all. Surely productivity should happen on such an upbeat-sounding day as May Day.

Night night.

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