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I want Clark and Chloë to end up together forever and have little half-alien babies.

And yes, I should be revising, but for the past two weeks I have allowed myself to watch an episode of Smallville while on my lunch break. :D

Ugh, also, my pc really is annoying me a LOT. It's just so noisy and slows right down if I try to do anything - I can't even virus scan it at the moment 'cause it takes hours and I can't do anything else while it's scanning, which is no use when I need to work.

I know its not my birthday till the 26th, but I might ring my mum tonight and ask if I can order my new pc now instead of waiting. I have enough money in my bank account, and I'm paying for most of it anyway. I don't even know how much money my parents are going to contribute towards it. The specification I have it at currently is £446 including VAT and delivery, which is a pretty awesome price for what I'm getting. I'm hoping that my mum and dad will be able to give me about £100 and maybe maybe my grandparents will give me that much as well, so that's only £20050 (LOL I actually wrote 20050 instead of 250!) £250 of my own money that I'll be spending which is nice.

I need a new printer as well though, really, 'cause mine is broken - it still prints, but it randomly loses connection and the paper tray is broken so I can only put a few sheets in at a time or it collapses. :( Which is a shame 'cause I really love my printer. Especially 'cause my parents bought it - my grandad give me £400 after my A levels with which to buy a pc, so that bought the pc, monitor, speakers, but wasn't enough for a printer. And even though for my A levels my parents had already taken me out for a meal, bought me some straighteners and some new shoes, my dad insisted on buying me my printer as well. I am so spoiled <3. So I am sad that it's gotten all broken, alas. I can probably cope with it for a while longer, particularly because I don't really need it anymore seeing as I am finishing uni. Next year Joel will probably find it quite handy though for printing essays and uni things, especially because he won't live right next door to the LJMU library anymore.

My speakers are broken too which is reeeallly really annoying 'cause I only bought them a few months ago after my original speakers broke, but I don't know what I did with the receipt so I can't return them. :( I wish that when I got new ones after my old ones stopped working that I had bought the same ones as my old ones. I loved those speakers and even though they were cheap they lasted me over 2 years of really loud music playing, whereas these ones lasted me approximately two months. GRRRR. Luckily my monitor has built in speakers so it's not like I have no sound, but they're pretty lame when I'm used to having a subwoofer and stuff.

I'd quite like a new monitor too, though. There's nothing really wrong with this one, I just like having new shinies. :D I am tempted to try setting up my hd tv as a monitor, actually. But the screen is smaller than on my monitor and also I don't really like widescreen monitors. I think just because I am used to making wallpapers for non-widescreen, lol. :D But we'll see.

I can't wait till I can set up my pc on a proper computer desk in my new flat, instead of the ridiculous set up I have here - I'm pretty sure that my printer and speakers are broken 'cause they're on the floor under the desk and I can't help kicking them sometimes, but there's nowhere else for me to put them. :( And it's pretty uncomfortable. There's a pc desk in the living room of the flat, though, so my pc is going to go there and Joel is going to keep his pc in his bedroom 'cause he's having the bigger bedroom. Ah, we're going to have so much space. I can't wait, after two years of living in this poky little attic room, to be able to spread myself out a bit. :D

Eeeek I'm just so excited excited excited.

Aaaand now I have to go revise.
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I have so many things I've thought about putting in this update that now I can't remember half of them, so it's probably going to be a bit (or a lot) disjointed. Sorry to anyone who's reading. :)

Essay/Uni talk )

I spent a bit of time this evening tweaking the css for my new layout, and I'm quite pleased with it as it stands right now. A link to the journal I got the orignal codes from is on my journal info. And speaking of the journal info, I found a way around the fact that the html in my bio was somehow hiding all of the main navigation links in the Dreamiwdth site scheme - I changed it to a different scheme! The one called 'Celerity', I think it is. I like it quite a lot, and it's fixed my problem. My bio html still isn't showing as it should, but at least I have navigation links again.

...I'm so used to writing on Word that I keep hitting ctrl+s every now and then to save. >.< That's pretty annoying. Also my hands are killing me. :|

What else what else did I have to say? Oh yes, I've decided that I'm going to have a 'poetry sunday', probably on the first sunday of every month, although I've missed it this month so maybe I'll do it next week too. Basically I intend to post a poem or some songlyrics that I really like, for no other purpose than that... I really like them and want to share them. With songlyrics I'll probably upload the song. I'll most likely make a few comments regarding why I like said poetry, too. So, you have been warned. Avoid my journal on sundays. ;)

I'm pretty sleepy now, actually. I just have a few more things I meant to say.

Flat/Moving talk )

I am pretty knackered now and can't remember much else that I wanted to say. I have this niggling feeling that someone has commented to me somewhere on Dreamwidth and I haven't replied, which is pretty annoying. And I know for a fact that there are several entries on my reading page that I really wanted to comment on but didn't have time at the time, and don't have the energy to find now. I'm really sorry, but I have been reading all the entires of people I'm subscribed too. I've just been super-busy and therefore not up to much commenting. I'll get better next week, after my exam, I promise!

Finally, one of my LJ friends just posted this awesome meme which I really had to steal:

Ten Words or Less Meme
Write 10 different categories of fic, each in 10 words or less.

1. Angst:
"Booth, you're gonna be fine. Come on, Booth. No." - Fin.

2. AU:
"FBI, Special Agent Temperance Brennan. This is Dr. Seeley Booth."

3. Crack!Fic:
Seeley read the namebadge on the hot Hooters girl: 'Temperance'.


"Bones, is Zack Gormorgon's assistant?" "Yes. Zack is my assistant."

4. Crossover:
Booth stared as the wooden stake pierced the vampire's chest.

5. First Time:
Booth's fingers brushed across her lips. "We're not just partners, Bones." (eleven words, sorry!)

6. Fluff:
"Y'know, Bones. I think we're going to grow old together."

7. Humor:
(I feel that my two for crack gives me a free pass. :| )

8. Hurt/Comfort:
"Booth. Let me help you."

9. Smut:
She certainly doesn't fear physical intimacy, Booth thinks.

10. UST:
He sees her everyday. Eventually, he thinks, I'll tell her.

Er. In case you can't tell, I chose Bones. It is a lot harder than it looks! Especially when you're used to writing stories with quite a lot of detail/imagery in. 10 words isn't enough. >.<

This entry is prolly littered with typos, sorry. I'll fix it tomorrow. But now - my bed is calling.

ETA: After seeing the length of this post, I decided to cut it. To save your eyes! :)

ETA2: Wow, I'm pretty annoyed. I just submitted the 10 mini-fics thing to a Bones community and my post was rejected. The reasons they gave were:
Your entry was rejected because it did not have the mandator fanfic header, and contained spoilers. Remember that both season 3 and 4 are considered spoilers in this community and require warnings before the cut if they are used.

1) How on earth would I do one of those fanfiction headers for the above 'fics'? Would anybody else have thought it would be necessary?

2) I PUT A CUT saying 'I don't think there's any spoilers, but I'll cut it just in case. :)' Those were the exact words in my cut text!

I mean, what the hell. They clearly didn't actually read my post.

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