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done a bit of a revamp of my dreamwidth journal. new layout, new banner & new icons to represent my current love of blake lively and her amazing hair.

i am feeling a bit less sorry for myself today. hurray. thank you to the ppl who commented yesterday. much love. <3333
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shiny new dreamwidth layout, hurrah!

i watched the duchess earlier. <3
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Come on, guys. While I'm always, of course, deliriously happy to gain new friends, I really kind of need you to comment and say hi when you add me to your circle! Pretty please.

Unrelatedly, I wish there were more mood theme options. I have had a paid account on lj for so long that I am totally used to having custom moodthemes, and it is pretty weird not to have anymore. I don't really like any of dreamwidth's options. I miss Bruce's Lil Smileys on greatestjournal. That was my favourite moodtheme.

Expect a proper update on Monday afternoon. Current headspace is not very updatey. Essay, argh.
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I'm finding it pretty amusing how large a percentage of the dreamwidth journals I come across are using this layout. I mean, it's a really lovely layout, especially considering how quickly [personal profile] gossymer must have whipped it up, but it's still pretty funny seeing it literally* everywhere. I am pretty excited to see more and more layouts start coming in, and maybe when my exams are over I'll start having a play around with the new CSS and things to see what I can come up with myself.

I have been faffing around with my profile, and while I'm quite happy with what I've got up there there's also something wrong with it in that it's messing up the way the actual Dreamwidth site appears. On the 'known issues' page it does mention something to do with html coding in profiles screwing things up and that they're working on it, so hopefully it will get cleared up soon. But until then it's going to really really annoy me to not be able to see any navigation links from my profile page. It is going to get pretty frustrating. I did try a different profile code which worked absolutely fine but which also wasn't as pretty as the current one, so I think it must be something specific to the html in this particular coding. However my head's too fuzzy at the moment to be able to concentrate on coding my own tables so I'm just using one I found somewhere else and I don't have the energy to attempt to go through it and pinpoint the problem. So if I want to check my inbox I am just going to have to do it through someone else's profile page for a while. :\

It's really sort of exciting to be here right at the beginning. I believe that I cancelled my recurring payments to my lj in September after the last payment came out, so probably I will see how well my new resolution to use this journal goes, and maybe see how well I can build up a community of friends and accquaintances and then I'll think about purchasing a paid account here. Ideally of course I would like to be sure about it before the discounted prices are removed, 'cause at the moment it's really cheap. :D But at the moment the only paid benefit that I'm likely to get any use out of are the extra userpics and until they've rolled out some more features I'd rather not risk it. :)

My Modern American Fiction essay is still just behaving ridiculously in that I have written about 100 more words. *sigh* I am really just hopeless. My computer chair is just so uncomfortable so my bum is constantly numb and tingly, which isn't pleasant. My tummy is still hurting a lot. I didn't get to sleep until after 5am last night because I was in so much pain, which has never happened to me before. :( I am currently sitting with a hot water bottle stuck up my top, haha, and a cup of Earl Grey on hand, and I am going to attempt to get back to work after writing this entry.

I feel a little better because I think I have decided what I'm going to do for my Language and Literature essay now, though. I already knew that the topic I was planning on writing on was metaphor, and it was just finding a suitable extract from a book to analyse. I was going to go with To Kill A Mockingbird because it has such obvious uses of metaphor in it but then I was worried that I might struggle to find a particularly metaphor-rich extract to use, and I didn't want to end up falling out with the book because I love it and I don't want this stupid stupid module to ruin my love for books. But for my MAF essay I'm doing The Bell Jar (and Fahrenheit 451), and it occurred to me to use that! There's several really good bits in it that I think I could be able to use. It would be easier if I knew if we could use several extracts from one particular text, which I might end up doing anyway, but there's that one bit about the fig tree of choices that Esther imagines which I think will be good, hopefully. If all else fails I might just resort to whacking down a bit of Bleak House and doing my essay on that, which I really don't want to do. Urgh.

Joel has his last exam tomorrow and then he will have finished his first year of University! Haha, I'm so proud, bless him. He does have to do a resit in the summer because he failed one of his modules in the first semester, but he's done really really well on everything else so far - like, getting marks of 70+ on everything - which is great, especially considering the fact that he's also holding down a part time job which takes up a lot of his time and energy. I am seriously amazed by the amount of work he's had to do though. He has like a billion modules per semester and they all have loads of different elements which contribute towards the final grade - exams, assignments, essays, group work, practical work. In my first year I had practically nothing to do in comparison... or maybe it's just that I really didn't do a lot of work in my first year. :p

I'm not hungry at all but for some reason I am craving toast and/or chocolate. Hmm.

God, my bum hurts. This chair is ridiculous. :(

*not literally

eta: what, I can't use html tags? How do I italicise!? *hunts through faqs*

eta2: oh wait, my bad. I had a bad tag in there, oops. Fixed now!

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