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for one week, recommend/share:

day one: a song
day two: a picture
day three: a book/ebook/fanfic
day four: a site
day five: a youtube clip
day six: a quote
day seven: whatever tickles your fancy

~ i always say that i couldn't possibly choose a favourite song, that there are too many amazing songs that i love and adore to play favourites. and while this is sort of true, it's also sort of true that here with me by dido is my favourite song above all the others.


also, i got a temp job working as admin in a doctor's surgery place thinger. there was a bit of a mix-up between the temp agency and me and the surgery so today was a bit of a disaster, but i am looking forward to monday.

it is only £6/hour, but for 9-5 that'll add up okay, and it's only for 4-6weeks, which is a pain 'cause it means i'll have to sort out going back on jsa when it's done, but i don't mind because it will also be something more on my cv. plus i have to have particular training for it, so once i have that training i will be suddenly a more attractive employee than someone who doesn't. so yay! the worry and awkwardness of today has really tired me out. i feel ill and achey and tired and just drained, really. thank god i started on a friday so i have the weekend to recover.


in exciting news, the hettster (aka [personal profile] yakyak/[ profile] boho) is coming over tomorrow for awesomeness. she is bringing me a 'spare' touchscreen qwerty phone she has lying around, because apparently she is rich or something, because my phone is broken like a thing that dun't work proper no more. and we are gon chillax and chat and maybe snuggle under quilts and watch films. so that's nice. :)

and then on sunday i'ma wash my hair and do noooothing else. :D


aaand we just ordered domino's for a late but much anticipated tea. omg i hope it gets here quick. they can't be very busy at this time of night so it shouldn't be too long!

see you tomorrow for day two. :)
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that is all

(ohwait it'snot: just thought i'd mention that Placebo's newest album has not so far impressed me. sad times, brian.)
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Uggghhhh. I just saw a comment on Yahoo answers saying:

"Twenty years ago, Ann Rice gave generations the Vampire Lestat series. It was more tailored to the tastes of the eighties with gore, androgony, violence and big hair and clothes.

With Twilight, it is time for the current generation to enjoy a romance in their own way, with less window-dressing, more depth to the characters, more grunge and more humanity."

(emphasis mine)

I just. Why??

I admit I have only read the 1st 3 Vampire Chronicles 'cause according to all reports they are the only good ones. But I am pretty sure that the characters of the Vampire Chronicles are deeper than 'look at me I fall over a lot!' Bella and 'I am so boring it hurts' Edward.


Also, i'm pretty much obsessed with The Maccabees
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I just downloaded Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back) by Eamon and F.U.R.B by Frankee!

Omgz, who remembers this music sensation??

Bizarre, also, that I found them by Wiki'ing Mickey Harte (2003 Irish entry to Eurovision).

God, Wikipedia's amazing.

Also, sorry for the major spamming I am doing today. :|
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Does anybody know of a community where you can go and ask for music recs and people will... give them?

Like, I'm looking for somewhere where I can go: "Hello. The gloomy weather is really getting me down, so can anybody recommend to me some proper upbeat music from any corner of the music world?"
I don't necessarily mean a community where people will upload songs/fill song requests like teh_music was on lj, but just somewhere were people can ask for suggestions before finding the music on their own?

Any communities you know of on DW, LJ, IJ or JF would work for me, as I have accounts at all of those places.

Also... if you don't know of a community like that, then do you think it would be a good idea to set one up?

(also... flist/circle, feel free to give me some recs here!)
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Pictures For Sad Children is always such an adorable comic. I just got this new one in my google reader and it's just lovely.

Also, I just mistyped 'google' as 'goodle' and now I really wish that it was called that.

My essay is moving along a little faster now, which is nice.

Here, have a song. Running Up That Hill, by Placebo. While I enjoy Kate Bush quite a lot, I personally find this cover version to be much nicer than the original. If you haven't heard it before, please give it a try.

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