Mar. 4th, 2012 11:44 am
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hello journal. how are you?

update on my life:
- wedding plans
i am getting married at samlesbury hall on saturday 5th october 2013. aaaaah. we have done basically nothing aside from book the venue though, so yeah. joel's mum plans to start my dress in may 2013 so i have a year to become a size 12. i really need to start working on that. D:

the other day joel said to me "you know what i can't wait for? when we go to places and i can introduce you as my wife". asjakdejflas;j <3 <3 <3 he is such a romantic hee.

i am still well undecided on my surname though. i am an o'hare dammit.

- family
speaking of o'hares. god it is so long since i actually wrote in here y'all probably didn't even know that my (16 year old) little sister was pregnant. she had a little girl on 22nd january. she was induced 3 weeks early 'cause they were worried about the baby's growth, and the result was the world's tiniest cutest baby ever ever.

ísabel jayne o'hare. she was 4lb 15oz when she was born and sdjkasdjad she is just so tiiiiiny it is ricidulous idk how she is even real. she has put on weight now and is 6lbs ish but still just so. cute. *broody* my niece, let me show you her because she is the cutest.

- work
is pretty good, a little stressful at the moment because my office manager (*cough*[personal profile] boho*cough*) jumped ship on me for an awesome awesome new job (fair enough!) so i am picking up all the officer manager stuff as well as my actual job. which i find a bit frustrating, but we are recruiting for a replacement and otherwise it is good. i am enjoying my gradual move into being queen of hr/finance (not my official job title, sadly!) and working more with our commercial manager and less with our sales and marketing manager, and i am starting to get involved in our accounting and moneyspending processes which is really quite exciting. i start studying for the CIMA certificate level the week after next which i am pretty terrified about omg studying i can't remember how to do that.

- everything else
tumblr, basically. come follow me! um. unless you don't like supernatural. in which case you should probably steer clear. because i am obsessed.
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attempting again to write a blog... we've all heard that before though!

i'm feeling a lot better than i did the other day with regards to my previous post (livejounal, locked post), which is good. like i said though, it comes and goes. i guess it's just going to take a while for me to accept/get used to the fact that she is gone. at least i did get to say goodbye and i know she knew how much i adored her and i know she thought the world of me.

on a cheerier note, i booked myself a day and a half off work this week, so i've just spent this afternoon shopping with Joely (and with his money, woo!) which was very nice, particularly because it's been really nice and sunny. i've got myself some new colourful, spring-y clothes and new shoes. i also bought some hair dye because my hair really needs a refresh.

now i'm looking forward to three lovely days of rest. i'm really glad i booked the time off because i'm particularly tired this week. initially i wasn't sleeping well because of thoughts of my grandma; and then on monday and tuesday i stayed up late helping Beardy with his dissertation ! he handed it in yesterday and i'm pretty proud of him. obviously i am a somewhat biased and also uneducated eye, but to me it seemed very good so i hope his marks end up reflecting that. he now has just three exams to go until he is finished uni for good! exciting. of course he hasn't looked at any jobs at all yet - he hasn't even sorted out making his contract a grainger a full time one, so i'm a tad concerned. we need a full time wage from him to start building up our wedding fund !

my plans for this weekend are to stay in my pyjamas and hopefully work on some original writing; and get started on the sock monkey i plan to handmake my mum for mother's day.

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