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Hullo hullo. It’s been over a month since my last post, but still that’s not too bad considering my track record in recent years! Where to start – I’ve just been through my journal to check on my last post and I didn’t realise that my tweets are posted so often! So – sorry about that. :| Although I guess not really that sorry as I don’t intend to stop. Maybe I’ll see if I can change the settings to weekly or something though, idk.

Things I have been up to lately, hm, hmm. Thinking about it I have quite a lot to say, but I have no idea in what order so this may be a little bit disjointed… think I will just write and then perhaps tidy it up afterwards!

cut for holy massive post batman )

And now I think that’s me out. Finally.
I think maybe I should cut this whole post...? According to word it’s over 2700 words long. :| Oops. :|

And yeah... sorry, I definitely didn't follow through on that 'tidy up after' thing. :|
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attempting again to write a blog... we've all heard that before though!

i'm feeling a lot better than i did the other day with regards to my previous post (livejounal, locked post), which is good. like i said though, it comes and goes. i guess it's just going to take a while for me to accept/get used to the fact that she is gone. at least i did get to say goodbye and i know she knew how much i adored her and i know she thought the world of me.

on a cheerier note, i booked myself a day and a half off work this week, so i've just spent this afternoon shopping with Joely (and with his money, woo!) which was very nice, particularly because it's been really nice and sunny. i've got myself some new colourful, spring-y clothes and new shoes. i also bought some hair dye because my hair really needs a refresh.

now i'm looking forward to three lovely days of rest. i'm really glad i booked the time off because i'm particularly tired this week. initially i wasn't sleeping well because of thoughts of my grandma; and then on monday and tuesday i stayed up late helping Beardy with his dissertation ! he handed it in yesterday and i'm pretty proud of him. obviously i am a somewhat biased and also uneducated eye, but to me it seemed very good so i hope his marks end up reflecting that. he now has just three exams to go until he is finished uni for good! exciting. of course he hasn't looked at any jobs at all yet - he hasn't even sorted out making his contract a grainger a full time one, so i'm a tad concerned. we need a full time wage from him to start building up our wedding fund !

my plans for this weekend are to stay in my pyjamas and hopefully work on some original writing; and get started on the sock monkey i plan to handmake my mum for mother's day.
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things i am thankful for:

my mummy, who works so hard trying to make everyone happy and who i am beginning to admire more than anyone now that i'm old enough to appreciate her efforts
my daddy, who i can't help but idolise most of the time, despite his huge pile o'flaws
my baby sister, giant devil child though she may be
my big brother, who always manages to text me random funny shit just when i need to smile
my amazing grandparents, who have always been there to look after me with oodles and oodles of love
my internet friends, who over the years have meant more to me than 90% of the people i know in real life
rachel, hetty and liz, who (aside from joel) are maybe my favourite non-related-to-me people in the world
buffy the vampire slayer, which may only be a tv show but is amazing and important to me regardless
the ability to read and love books, because i cannot imagine what my life would have been like if i hadn't ever loved to read
christmas decorations, because just glancing over at my christmas tree at this time of year makes me feel warm and happy despite the fact that joel & i have no money to buy each other or anybody else christmas presents this year.

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