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attempting again to write a blog... we've all heard that before though!

i'm feeling a lot better than i did the other day with regards to my previous post (livejounal, locked post), which is good. like i said though, it comes and goes. i guess it's just going to take a while for me to accept/get used to the fact that she is gone. at least i did get to say goodbye and i know she knew how much i adored her and i know she thought the world of me.

on a cheerier note, i booked myself a day and a half off work this week, so i've just spent this afternoon shopping with Joely (and with his money, woo!) which was very nice, particularly because it's been really nice and sunny. i've got myself some new colourful, spring-y clothes and new shoes. i also bought some hair dye because my hair really needs a refresh.

now i'm looking forward to three lovely days of rest. i'm really glad i booked the time off because i'm particularly tired this week. initially i wasn't sleeping well because of thoughts of my grandma; and then on monday and tuesday i stayed up late helping Beardy with his dissertation ! he handed it in yesterday and i'm pretty proud of him. obviously i am a somewhat biased and also uneducated eye, but to me it seemed very good so i hope his marks end up reflecting that. he now has just three exams to go until he is finished uni for good! exciting. of course he hasn't looked at any jobs at all yet - he hasn't even sorted out making his contract a grainger a full time one, so i'm a tad concerned. we need a full time wage from him to start building up our wedding fund !

my plans for this weekend are to stay in my pyjamas and hopefully work on some original writing; and get started on the sock monkey i plan to handmake my mum for mother's day.
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I've found the most interesting community. [community profile] stayintheroom, a community that posts general prompts to inspire original writing (well, writing in my case, but also drawings, poetry, etc - basically any form of art). I've just been skimming through it and all the prompts are so interesting and creative, they've really given me some ideas. I'm really hoping that I'll be able to use this community to start writing again.

I believe it does have a livejournal counterpart, but I've never seen it before. I suppose that's another of the joys of such a new site as this; it's much easier to discover things you're interested in, in a way, because everything's still new and easy to find. :p

Anyway, it's past 2:30am, and I haven't written anything on my essay for hours and hours. I think that part of the reason is that I feel like 5pm on Friday is still very far away in terms of when I usually write my essays. Technically I still have plenty of time to write this essay, and so I can't get into the frame of mind where I need to write it. However, that's all well and good for this essay, but I also have one due in the following Monday which is not a literature essay and which therefore I'm going to find a lot more difficult and time-consuming to write. I have to find appropriate texts and criticisms to reference, find an extract to study and all sorts of other things that I have only done on one other essay and therefore am not very comfortable with. Literature essays I can generally bang out quite quickly once I focus - choose my texts, choose my topic, fit the texts to the topic, use clever wording to make them relevant, throw in a few quotations from journals and things, and I'm done. The language essay requires subheadings and contents and appendices and is an altogether different kettle of fish.

Tomorrow I am going to try - really try - to get some work done. I might have to resort to using internet explorer instead of firefox. The problem with firefox is that I have open several permanent tabs that I don't like to close for various reasons, eg. some are download lists that I need and other things and closing any of them would make all the others out of sync. This is all well and good for my general browsing purposes, but when I am attempting to do work it is far too easy to get distracted by the 'fun' tabs when instead I should be focusing on the 'work' tabs. Which is where all my good intentions to work went both today and yesterday. So tomorrow I will use IE, and make sure the only tabs which are open are ones relevant to my essay.

Another factor which is generally not helping with today's work endeavour is the ridiculous cramps I am having. It is pretty unusual for me to be suffering this much so I guess that even though I don't really feel stressed my body obviously disagrees and is reacting to the pressure I am under. This afternoon I have gone through a packet of ibuprofen practically (whereas I can usually stick it out without taking any or at least only taking one dose) and still want to just curl up and be cuddled (and maybe have more pills). Sadly there is no Joel here to give me cuddles, so I'm having to settle for a hot water bottle and some dairy milk.

But now, to bed. Hopefully everything will be brighter and shinier and more productive in the morning. It is May Day tomorrow, after all. Surely productivity should happen on such an upbeat-sounding day as May Day.

Night night.

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