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I cannot fucking WAIT to get out of this house. I just went downstairs to take my washing out of the machine and put a new load in, only to discover my housemate had just taken my washing out and put her own in. That's fair enough, you might think. I have no monopoly on the washing machine. And, ordinarily, yes. Except at teatime earlier we had a CONVERSATION about the fact that I was planning on doing another two loads this evening after my current one finished because I need my clothes to dry in order to PACK THEM because I am GOING HOME FOR A WEEK. oh my god i am SO ANGRY i can't even describe it. i am crying actual tears of rage here, i don't remember the last time I was this pissed off.



ETA sorry about spamming your flists/reading pages with my rage. :D but it was very cathartic for me! :D

Date: 2009-05-19 09:13 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] patchworks
Wow, I'd be raging too (in the laundry room in the halls where I lived, there was at least one person who'd take out clothes only halfway through drying and dump them on the floor to put his - we found out who it was - precious rugby kit in). Probably she just forgot but you're right, she should have remembered and been more considerate.

You'll be moving out very soon though, that's something.

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